2.5mm Black Silicone Tear Drop Anti-Skid Nose Pads 5 Pairs

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AM Landen Anti Skid Tear Drop Transparent/ Black Non-slip Silicone Nose Pads for Eyeglasses


Selection of high-quality imported soft silicone material, made use of advanced technology, non-slip comfort when worn, not easy to yellow, better durability and corrosion resistance with easy yellow color, etc., nose and paste to contact the skin surface frames is not easy sliding.

Application and Care instructions

Following these cautions will extend the life of your pads.

  • Pads cannot be reused, please do not remove and try to replace. This will directly affect the viscosity of the nose pad.
  • Do not use a water base product to clean the glasses before applying the pads, this will affect the glue used to apply the pad.
  • Recommended cleaning is using an alcohol based cleaning agent such as an alcohol wipe before applying the pads.